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Deedra McLeod

I am the wife of Johnny McLeod & we have 4 children. I am the youngest of two children of Ronnie Samuel & Betty Samuel. I am also the Pastor at Divine Destiny Ministry & a salon owner at Beautiful U Salon, LLC. I am a radio talk show host at Women’s Inspirational Radio and the author of Giving birth to your destiny, and BossUp. 
And I am now a Gift Coach after going forth in the Champion Influence Coaching Program with Master Coach Toy L Smith

Featured Programs

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    Prophetic 6wk Course

    Understanding God’s Love Language With You!
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Zoom Link will be Provided.
    • Held on Sundays @6 pm
    • Activation, Biblical Principles
    • Teachings on Developing More To Be Who God Has Called For
    • Let’s Grow Together!
  • Beginners Mentoring

    Every month
    3 months Mentoring Course PayPlan
    Valid for 3 months
    • Help with your emotions as a Prophet or being prophetic.
    • Walk together, pray together one on one relationship
    • 3 Months of unlimited texting and email access
    • Homework Assignments with daily nuggets or encouragement
    • 1 hour a week sessions will be held in person and zoom

The Program

In this program, I will encourage you to fight through every obstacle, cancel out every voice that tries to make you feel that you can’t do it and to dismantle every spirit that says you’re not good enough. I will help build your confidence to give you back your voice and help you to identify your purpose because I’ve lived myself with a muzzle over my mouth and felt like I wasn’t good enough & I too didn’t know my real purpose in life. So yes I once sat in your shoes. That’s why it’s so important to me to help people not waste years of going around the same mountain but instead walk & live on purpose. My desire is to unleash your confidence and help you to tap into the gift that has been lying dormant on the inside of you.

Start Your

The Life Of The Prophet

So If you’re looking to awaken your destiny register today with one of my programs so I can help you to catapult into your destiny. 

The Life Of The Prophet….is the place you get your voice back!

Feaured Programs


Wanda Thomas 

Pastor, this class has been the hardest, the most nerve-racking, got my stomach tied in knots can't sleep kind of class but it's what I needed. I even got angry at you during this class but thank you for pushing us, I absolutely will take another class can't wait.❤️

Shayla Robinson 

This class is definitely a pusher!!! Just coming in on the third class felt overwhelming, hard, and trying to juggle it all has made me question if I could do it when the course first started. I even said why did you jump out here to do something you know you’re not ready for?!?!? But I have been hanging in there and feel as if I have done a great job with it all. Growth comes in levels and definitely not where I started. Yes, I would take the course again.

Pastor, I would take another. It has made me really evaluate my time and what I'm using it for.  This course has made me uncomfortable in a good kind of way if that makes any sense

Evangelist Letitia McLeod



Phone Number: 843 861-5450   /     Email:   

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